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Introducing FrameForge Version 3.5 New Features

Significantly Faster Rendering
-- You'll know it when you see it.

Better Lighting Fall-Off -- Rather than the sharp edges that Version 3.0 had for Spotlights, V3.5 implements a smoother, more realistic lighting fall-off.

Automatic Walk/Jog/Run during Tweening -- Where a tweened actor would previously have just slid across the floor, in Version 3.5 he or she will now walk, saunter, run or jog as needed to get them from point A to point B in the time allotted by that tween.

Additional Capabilities of the Automatic Walk/Jog/Run during Tweening
  • You can override this automatic functionality to get exactly what you want if the automatic function doesn't meet your needs.

Automatic Walk Overrides

HumanTouch" Tweening -- this new feature adds a subtle but substantive acceleration and deceleration to actor's tweened movement to make them look a lot more natural and less robotic.

Camera Targets --Drop in a Camera Target on set (Found in the Camera Equipment Category) and it will lock the current camera to keep that target in the same place in the frame regardless as to where the camera moves.

Additional Capabilities of the Camera Targets Function
  1. Once you have the camera locked to the target, you can pan/tilt to set the Camera Target's position in the frame and from then on it will maintain it in that part of the frame;
  2. You can temporarily disable or enable a camera target simply by double-clicking it
  3. While you can manually make a camera target invisible, they are automatically made invisible on all snapped and exported shots.

All New Posing Controls -- Single+Click the Pose Control Orb and an all new, integrated On-Set Posing Panel appears, which combined with our new Wheel-Style Posing controls, allow you to pose your actors faster and easier than ever before, even allowing you to rotate any bone in 2-axis simultaneously. All without having to bring them into the Green Room or Free Position Mode.

Additional Capabilities of the New Posing Controls
You can have it go into an optional Free Rotation Mode while Posing where it will (a) Fill the Frame with the object if it's far away so you can better see what you're doing; and (b) allow you to rotate around it simply by dragging left or right off the object or dolly in/out by dragging up/down; (c) when you close the panel (either by clicking the small [x] on the panel itself or single+clicking anywhere on the floor or space not over an object) it will automatically restore your original framing.

Improved on-set Access to all Object Hinges -- Click and Drag the Pose Control Orb and it will pop-up all the available hinges for that object making it faster and easier to get them into the position you want.

Additional Capabilities of the On-Set Access to Object Hinges
Clicking and Dragging the Pose Control Orb also works for actors, except in their case it shows their available poses and relationships, and with dozens of NEW, HAND CRAFTED poses and relationships in newly organized characters, you have even more flexibility than ever before.

Dozens of All New and Improved Poses for Actors

Male Poses (small).jpg
female Poses (Small).jpg

New Auto-Sizing Floors and Ceilings -- You can now give any room its own floor or ceiling, automatically shaped to that room, simply by dragging in the auto-sizing ceiling (shaped to room) or auto-sizing floor (shaped to room) object (found in the Walls Category) and dropping it anywhere in the room.

Curved Walls -- while this is not implemented in Room Builder yet, there are new curved walls in the Walls folder.

Printing & Exporting of Ground Glass (Pro & Stereo Only) -- you now have the option to have any Ground Glass be printed, exported along with each image. In addition, Ground Glass now shows up in the Shot Manager.

View and work Full Screen on an external monitor (Pro & Stereo Only) -- if you have a second monitor attached to your computer, you can have the program display any camera view full screen on this second monitor by going to the View menu and choosing Display Full Screen on Second Monitor and then choosing either Auto-Camera Selection, or a specific on-set camera. If you choose Auto Camera Selection, it will have the Full Screen View show whatever camera is active in the main view, otherwise it will always show the selected camera.

Additional Capabilities of the Full Screen Second Monitor Function
  1. If you drag any "monitor" from the row of monitors above the live view onto this full-screen Second Views, it will automatically select that view as the defined camera to show. Dragging the small Blueprint View (upper left) onto the Full Screen View will reset it to Auto-Camera Selection.
  2. You can drag things directly from the object Library onto the Full Screen View
  3. If you bring the cursor to the bottom of the Full Screen View, a set of secondary camera controls will appear, allowing you to adjust framing without having to go back to the main view.
  4. The Full Screen View otherwise functions exactly like the Live View in terms of manipulating objects on the set.
  5. When you move the cursor OFF of the Full Screen View, all selection highlighting and Control Orbs are automatically hidden, and they'll be redisplayed when you move the cursor back onto it.
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